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How do you do what you do? 

This is THE question - I suppose. 

It is the solitary reason why great design can’t actually be taught. At least in my opinion. 

Real talent can be fostered, nurtured, coaxed and coddled but if you don’t have it …then you don’t have it. 

Way back when - the word GENIUS referred to a spirit ..an inspiration. One would channel this guidance …the genius of Mozart, for example. I often say I am (and many other talented designers are) a genius - not boastful but plainly because this information is effortlessly downloaded from the ether. I’ve got this. Others have this too. 

I enter a space and sense what its potential is. I walk a space - often alone/many times- and get it.

I’ve always gotten it. 

Are we perfecting dish - I just seem to know the flavors and textures to combine. Am I planning a party - I know what the perfect element of surprise will be. 

I grew up in a fairly thoughtless environment where feelings and talents were not celebrated and thus I have a very high barometer on thoughtfulness. Thoughtfulness runs tandem with “perfection”.  

The details matter. 

Not because something can’t be rough around the edges. On the contrary, a little bit of imperfection is revered. Perfection for me means that I’ve approached everything with thoughtfulness as an expression of service and of grace. 

So there is the planning, and the schematics, and the shopping for what you think might work. 

There’s the trial and error. Bring all the pretty stuff - the bits and bobbles- and see what sticks. Without the genius and the thoughtfulness - all you you have is a (hopefully) pretty room void of soul. 

Vendors, contractors, assistants, interns - you name it - sometimes call it picky or minutia. I see it as this: If you want brilliance you have to make space for genius and for thoughtfulness. 

That’s when you create connection. 

And that connection is the real magic. 

james saavedra