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The Space Between

Honor the space between no longer and not yet
— Nancy Levin

Too often, I think individuals get fixated on the “After” and the thing they seem to want to do the most is rush to the finish line. We’d like to lose weight and so we exercise – are we there yet? You get the point.

I mean, we have a plan, right? True, there is always a plan.

Hire the trades, source the products, follow the plan and- voila! – beautiful new space. Right?

Well, not exactly. In fact, this is rarely the case in real life.  Best-selling author and coach, Nancy Levin, works with clients to live in alignment with their own truths and she says this:

“Honor the space between the no longer and not yet.”

Right now, you’re most likely thinking – that’s great (and a bit woo-woo) - but what in the world must this do with my house? It has everything to do with your home and what it will take to transform it from where we start and where we land.

You see- what you’re about to embark on is process.

What any great designer brings to this forum is an art form and not science. Their arsenal is intuitiveness, keen foresight, shrewd logic and, hopefully, and bit of unexpected genius.  And above these skills and talents is unexplainable penchant for patience and an ability to find calm within the chaos:

To stop, to listen, and really feel what it is that this home is needing. To recognize that in that mess of unfinished sheet rock; in the frustration of that backordered tile; in the plan B or even C or – ugh - plan D lies the perfection of the finish line if we just give it space to breathe.

Design can be messy – a secret we often keep from the clients and public – and any seasoned practitioner would be lying to feign otherwise.  

Trust the process. Don’t rush to judgement when only seeing pieces of the completed puzzle.

Know that when we tell you that it is all going to work out –it is going to work out.

james saavedra