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Launch + Revise

Even the greatest movements on earth have their beginnings with something small.
— Lauren Oliver

If you are reading this - then you have found your way to the culmination of month and months of design, planning, revision and more planning : our newly designed platform. 

Screenshot 2017-04-30 22.21.43.jpg

Letting go and launching something new can be a daunting task. Something that (having a Virgo rising- read perfectionistic tendencies) I know first hand.

Will they like it? Is it really, really, ready? Is there too much information or not enough to chew on? Was the image order better this way or this way? On and on and on and on. 

I see this happen with clients all the time. We have culled our options and finally narrowed it down to The One but no sooner am I, literally, out the front door then that text or email comes through...what about this one?

I get it - change can be uncomfortable and investing a good deal of time and money into something always ups the ante.  Putting your name on it makes it a whole other ballgame but what do we have if we can't put it out there or wear it on our sleeves? 

My logo - a house comprised of my own thumbprint- is the perfect emblem of what I strive to accomplish in this work that I do and with the results of the spaces that my clients reside in or the belongings that we create to inhabit them:

A deep level of personalization and a connection so as to not only leave my mark but, more importantly, imprint their own selves. 

And so we launch. And revise. And, perhaps, revise again but at least we have begun. 


There are many layers to a well-designed life that pique my interest and are passions- so you'll find those here in this journal. More importantly, I hope you find inspiration in the stories of the people whose spaces you will see.  

james saavedra